Sari-clad wife shot dead on bed, enraged husband kills her in drug bust

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A shocking case has come to light in Bihar’s Gaya. In Moula Nagar in Attari police station area here, it became difficult for a wife to stop her husband from taking drugs. In anger, the accused husband tied his wife to the bed and shot her dead. After the murder, the accused husband was sitting near the dead body. Neighbors who heard the sound of gunshots reported the incident to the police.

The accused husband started running after seeing the police. The police have arrested him with weapons. An atmosphere of fear spread in the village due to the incident. As soon as the news of the woman’s death was heard, her family reached the spot. In this regard, the father of the deceased woman filed a complaint with the police and registered a case against the accused and conducted an investigation. The police is investigating the matter. The accused consumes many drugs.

The wife was troubled by her husband’s addiction to alcohol

The incident took place in Maulananagar on Tuesday night. Sudhir Kumar, a resident of this place, uses drugs, due to which there were daily fights in the house. His wife Poonam Devi was very troubled due to Sudhir’s addiction to drugs. She forbade him to take drugs every day. Despite doing this, there was no change in Sudhir’s habits. He started coming home late at night every day after getting drunk.

Shot for opposing drugs

According to neighbours, Sudhir Kumar was hit by a smack on Tuesday night. He reached home late at night. His wife Poonam protested seeing him coming late and in a state of intoxication. There was a quarrel between the two regarding this matter. Accused Sudhir shot his wife Poonam by tying her to the bed with her saree. After killing his wife, he sat near her dead body.

Police arrested

Panic spread among the surrounding people after hearing the sound of gunshots. When people reached the spot and saw that the accused was sitting near the dead body after committing the rape. Someone informed the police about this incident. When the Atari police reached the spot, the accused started running away. Police arrested the accused. The pistol used in the murder has also been recovered from him.


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