Salman Khan | …When Salman Khan made life difficult for an MP, watch the video and say…

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Actor Salman Khan needs no introduction. The actor has entertained fans by playing important roles in many films. Salman Khan remains in the news not only for his films but also for many other reasons. Even now Salman Khan is in the news because of an old video. Let us tell you whether the video that is going viral is from Salman Khan’s real life or from a film. In the video, Salman Khan is seen threatening MP and actor Ravi Kishan.

Currently, this scene from the film is going viral on social media. Which film is it, second or third, if not. ‘Your name’ Actor Ravi Kishan and actress Bhumika Chawla were in the lead roles along with Salman Khan in ‘Tere Naam’. Fans have not forgotten this film even today.

A scene from the film ‘Tere Naam’ is going viral. In the scene, Bhaijaan is seen threatening Ravi Kishan. As shown in the film, Salman was madly in love with Bhumika. The story of the film revolves around Salman Khan’s efforts to get his love.

Salman gets angry after seeing Ravi Kishan with Bhumika in the video and Ravi Kishan is seen threatening that he will not be seen with Bhumika again. In the film, Ravi Kishan has played the role of Bhumika’s would-be husband. Ravi Kishan was shown in a civilized and cultured role in the film. This film ruled the hearts of the fans. This film also increased the popularity of Salman Khan, Ravi Kishan and Bhumika Chawla.

Although it has been many years since the film was released, the craze for the film has not diminished among the fans. Some scenes and songs from the film are still going viral on social media. After the release of the film, Salman Khan’s look was also much discussed.

MP Ravi Kishan

MP Ravi Kishan is not only a great leader but also an actor. Ravi Kishan is also famous in Bhojpuri, Bollywood and South films. Ravi Kishan, who entertains fans with his acting, has been elected MP twice. This time again Ravi Kishan tried his luck from Gorakhpur Lok Sabha constituency and got success.

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