Released 60 years ago, the film, which had neither a heroine nor a villain, set a world record for a single actor.

A film came out 60 years ago. It had only two songs and neither glamor nor action. He was just a hero. Where now multistarrer films are made. While this film made in the year 1964 has only one actor and no one else is seen. There are only so many voices around him, which will make you feel like there is someone else in the film. But it will not appear.

The movie is 'Yaadeen' and actor Sunil Dutt was in it. His amazing performance gave life to this film. The entire film moves on the basis of his expressions and dialogues. The story of the film is based on an extramarital affair, due to which there is always chik-chik going on in the house. One day they came and found that no one was at home. After this, Sunil recalls the good times spent with his family in the film. He cries sometimes. Sometimes laugh. Sometimes I get angry with myself. But there is silence in the house. His performance was so spectacular that the film also won the National Award.

Sunil Dutt was the first person to make such a film. The special thing is that this film was also directed by him. Talk to me and imaginary people for about two hours on set. His wife's shadow is shown at the end of the film. Earlier, only black and white photographs of him were shown in the entire film. Nargis Dutt was Sunil's wife in this film. Apart from this, despite Sunil Dutt being the only one in the entire film, the songs of this film were in the voice of a woman. There were only 2 songs in 'Yaden' 'Radha Tu Hai Deewani' and 'Dekha Hai Sapna Koi'. It was sung by Lata Mangeshkar.

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His film was highly appreciated by the people. The name of this unique film was also registered in the Guinness Book of World Records. This was the first film of its kind. It was included in the category of feature film with the smallest cast. His film also won the second National Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi. Along with this, he also received Filmfare Award in 2 categories. It had Best Cinematographer and Best Sound categories.

As for Sunil Dutt, he was an actor whose films were amazing. He earned a lot of name in the industry on his own. He made his debut in the year 1955 with the film 'Railway Platform'. He won many awards to his name. He married his 'Mother India' co-star Nargis Dutt. Sanjay Dutt is his son. He has acted in many films like 'Padosan', 'Naagin', 'Wakt', 'Hamraj'.


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