Rejected constable’s application after 24 years, ‘I was haunted by a ghost, so I didn’t go to office’

Decision of Punjab and Haryana High Court

In Hisar, Haryana, a constable absented himself for a short time without reporting while on duty. He was dismissed in absentia without explanation for a long time. The constable filed a court application against him, stating that he was possessed by a ghost, so he could not report for duty.

The Punjab and Haryana High Court has dismissed the case after considering the plea of ​​the constable. The court termed absence from duty without prior notice as misconduct and dismissed the petition as false. The constable was fired 33 years ago, the court ruled.

No one could prove it

When the court was asked to produce his medical certificate evidence to substantiate the plea, the constable told the court that he had been possessed by a ghost during his absence. He told the court that during his absence he was getting himself treated by a cleric. Petitioner Surendra Pal was posted in the SP office of Hisar. The first time he was absent from office was from 25 December 1989 to 28 December, then from 22 January 1990 to 27 March 1991.

A departmental inquiry was first conducted against him, in which he was dismissed on 13 December 1991. By doing his best, he first reached the IG range and then DGP. Everywhere, his statement was considered baseless and his dismissal justified. After this, Surendra filed a petition in the Punjab and Haryana High Court in 2000. The court also rejected Surendra Pal’s plea. The court argued that such an attitude falls under misconduct. The court held that the police force is an active function and the first responsibility of those employed in it is to maintain discipline. Such negligence is in no way excusable.


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