Regret, unhappiness and longing for the future…; Chhagan Bhujbal’s speech enthralled the gathering at Shanmukhananda

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NCP is celebrating its 25th anniversary today. This year, for the first time, two anniversaries are being celebrated. Sharad Pawar faction of NCP is celebrating its anniversary in Ahmednagar. Ajit Pawar faction of NCP is celebrating its anniversary in Mumbai. NCP was founded in Shanmukhanand Hall in Mumbai. Ajit Pawar faction is celebrating its anniversary in the same hall. At this time, all the leaders of the party are expressing their views. The meeting was addressed by senior NCP leader Chhagan Bhujbal. After this, he talked on various issues.

Bhujbal’s speech on NCP’s anniversary

It cannot be denied that the Mahagathbandhan is facing a setback in the Lok Sabha elections. We should think that we do not have to wait any longer. Development has to be done. We will also talk about the road work done in Mumbai. How much money was spent in Mumbai? It was thought that all the allies would come to Mumbai. Piyush Goyal was chosen. After hesitation, a pastor was chosen. We have spent lakhs of rupees. The grand work of Baba Saheb’s memorial is still standing. These two communities left us and went away. Why did the Dalit and Muslim communities leave us? Chhagan Bhujbal said whether he will consider them or not.

Everyone has to be taken along- Bhujbal

A campaign was launched to change the constitution after crossing 400. Modi sahab spoke on TV channel for 15 minutes but it had no effect. Crossing 400 means that our boat has passed over the heads of the people. The Muslim community has separated from us. They are propagating that it is the job of the opposition party to destroy the ruling party. Now there are assembly elections, changing the constitution will not work. Changing the assembly constitution is not enough. Chhagan Bhujbal said that we have to bring back our Muslim, OBC, Bhagat and Azad voters.

As an NCP party, we have to do these things.’ How will we choose the seat by spending that vote? This kind of propaganda has been done in UP as well. It was seen that India’s lead had moved ahead there. We take the name of Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj. We have to show action. We are going through that path. Bhujbal, while addressing the meeting, said that we have to take all the votes.

Ask us for your vote…

Bhujbal stopped his speech and said, I have promised that I will not lose…

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