Rakhi Sawant Health Update: “We’re Going to Show Everybody the 10 cm Tumor,” Says Rakhi Sawant Amid Deteriorating Condition

Rakhi Sawant, a frequent topic of discussion on social media, is well-loved for her dramatic flair and bold statements. However, recent viral pictures of her on a hospital bed have taken her fans by surprise. Amidst this, her ex-husband has dismissed the situation as mere theatrics.

Rakhi Sawant’s Health Update

Ritesh Singh, standing by her side, has confirmed the seriousness of Rakhi’s condition. The Bigg Boss fame star has now personally announced that she will undergo surgery on Saturday. Rakhi shared, “I will get well soon. I am facing a lot of health issues. Doctors found a 10 cm tumor in my uterus, and I will undergo surgery on Saturday.”

Emotional Rakhi Speaks Before Surgery

Rakhi further explained, “I can’t talk much about my health, but Ritesh will keep everyone updated. He will inform everyone about my condition and the hospital proceedings. After the surgery, I’ll show everyone the tumor. I had to be admitted because my blood pressure and other vitals needed to be controlled before the operation.”

Offering more updates, Rakhi added, “The doctors here are the best, and they are doing their utmost to help me. I have never given up in my life and have faced many battles since childhood. I will fight in the operation theatre too. I know my mother’s blessings are with me, and nothing is going to happen. Crying, I told myself that I am a fighter and I will soon come back stronger.”

Rakhi Sawant’s resilience and determination shine through as she prepares for this critical surgery. Fans and well-wishers are eagerly awaiting her recovery and return.

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