Rafale Jet: Big deal is happening, important news about Rafale fighter jets which created a storm in Indian politics

During its first term, the Narendra Modi government at the Centre had bought Rafale fighter jets from France for the Indian Air Force. An agreement was signed with France for the purchase of 36 Rafale fighter jets. At that time, the Congress and opposition parties had alleged that there was a lot of corruption in this transaction. According to the agreement, all 36 Rafale jets will be delivered to India by 2022. The corruption case went to the Supreme Court. But the allegations were not found to be true. Now the Indian government is once again going to buy 26 Rafale fighter jets from France. Negotiations on the contract will begin this week. The Indian Navy will buy 26 Rafale fighter jets, this is a transaction of about Rs 50 thousand crores. For this, the Indian government will start negotiations with France this week.

China is rapidly expanding in the Indian Ocean. Therefore, from a security point of view, India wants to deploy Rafale fighter jets on two aircraft carriers as soon as possible. Rafale is a 4.5 generation fighter aircraft. This Rafale has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the Navy. There will be some differences between the Rafale version handed over to the Indian Air Force and the Rafale version handed over to the Navy. Officials of the French government, officials of the Dassault company that makes the aircraft and officials of the company that installs weapons in the aircraft are coming to India on May 30 for talks. A CNC committee formed by the Defense Ministry will hold talks with the French delegation to discuss the contract. The Times of India has reported this news.

What’s in this deal?

India has sent a request letter for 22 single seat and four double seat trainer Rafale fighter jets. France sent a letter of approval in December. This is a process of defense transaction. After its completion, a team from France is coming to India for further negotiations. This includes aircraft, weapons, simulators, crew training and logistics support.


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