Purnia: First addicted to drugs, then prostitution; The girl was killed and the body was thrown in the bush.

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The girl was killed and the body was thrown in the bush

A sensation has spread after the body of a girl was found in Purnia district of Bihar. Here a young woman was first made addicted to drugs and then forced into prostitution to fulfill her addiction. The body of the girl was found near the bush. After the body was found, the girl’s family members accused her of gang-rape. After the accident, the family is very upset and is demanding justice.

The case belongs to Rajbhar Tola of Sadar Police Station in Purnia district. Here a young man first drugged the girl. He made her consume smack and other drugs, and when the girl became addicted, he began prostituting her to procure money to buy the same drugs. The youth is alleged to have killed the girl. The girl’s body was found in a bush near Gulabbagh Zeromile petrol pump. After the incident, an accused Md. Mittu is absconding. The police have handed over the body to the family members after conducting the post-mortem and have started investigation into the matter.

First became an addict and then became a prostitute

The sister of the deceased said that her sister was killed by Mohammad, a resident of that area. Mittu first lured her into a love trap and then got her addicted to alcohol. The family protested as the young man belonged to another religion. But the deceased was not satisfied and started living in a live-in relationship with the same boy. Meanwhile, Mithu made him addicted to smack. When the girl became completely addicted to smack, Meethu would take her out late at night and force her into prostitution, after which the family severed ties with the girl.

Police are busy looking for the accused

On Wednesday, the police were called after the girl’s body was found behind a bush behind a closed petrol pump at Gulabbagh Zero Mile. After this a crowd of people gathered. After the girl was identified, some people informed the family and the body was identified. When the family went to Mittu’s house to inquire, the youth also ran away from the house. The deceased’s sister said that Mittu used to go on a bike with his sister, but he came alone at night. In this case, Sadar Police Station Chief Rajiv Lal said that no application has been received from the family members so far. Police are busy searching for the absconding youth, he will be nabbed soon.

(Reporting by Mohit Pandit/Purnia)

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