Pratima Mandal of TMC wins from Jayanagar by 4 lakh 70 thousand 219 votes, know about him

Pratima Mandal won the Lok Sabha elections from Jayanagar

Pratima Mandal of Trinamool Congress has again won the Jayanagar Lok Sabha seat in West Bengal. This is his third consecutive victory in the Lok Sabha elections. This time Pratima Mandal has defeated Bharatiya Janata Party’s Ashok Kandari by a huge margin of 4 lakh 70 thousand 219 votes. Pratima Mandal managed to get 8 lakh 94 thousand 312 votes in this election. While the second ranked BJP candidate got only 4 lakh 24 thousand 93 votes in this seat.

Pratima Mandal first reached the Lok Sabha from this seat in 2014. In 2019 also the results went in her favor and she won the election. This is his hat-trick of wins. Pratima Mandal got 7 lakh 61 thousand 206 votes in 2019 election. While BJP’s Ashok Kandari could get only 4 lakh 44 thousand 427 votes.

How educated is Pratima Mandal?

53-year-old Pratima Mandal was born on 16 February 1966 in Gordha, South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. Pratima is counted among educated leaders. He graduated from Calcutta University in 1993 with an MA in History. Pratima married Narayan Chandra Mandal on 7 May 1989. He has a daughter and a son. Pratima is also known for social functions. Pratima was a government official before joining politics.

This time, according to the election affidavit of Pratima Mandal, he has movable and immovable assets of Rs 6 crore 89 lakh 70 thousand 51. Out of which he has Rs. 27,759 in cash. And her husband had Rs 35,700 in cash. There is no car in Pratima’s name. However, he has 156 grams of gold, which is worth Rs 9,67,200. No criminal case has been registered against Pratima Mandal.

This time in the Lok Sabha elections, Trinamool Congress has performed strongly and has won 29 out of 42 seats. BJP has won 12 seats from here.


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