Prahlad Cha of ‘Panchayat’ narrated a story of Irrfan Khan, which would make even a stone-hearted person cry.

‘Panchayat 3’ has arrived on Amazon Prime Video. This series is getting tremendous response from people. The third season has a total of 8 episodes, which some people are getting emotional watching. At the same time, some say bring on the fourth season now. Stars like Jeetendra Kumar, Neena Gupta, Faisal Malik, Raghubir Yadav and Chandan Roy are seen working in this series. Currently ‘Panchayat 3’ is trending a lot. This is being discussed everywhere. Everyone’s acting in the series has been highly praised. One of them is Prahlad Cha as Faisal Malik. Who has won everyone’s hearts with his powerful performance.

Recently TV9 Hindi Digital had an exclusive conversation with Faisal Malik. He also opened up about his relationship with cinema, series and many celebs. However, in the meantime he shared an anecdote about Irrfan Khan, which got him very emotional.

“When I came to Bombay (Mumbai), my elder brother was studying there. And Irfanbhai’s brother was studying with him. I did not have address proof at that time. I got the first call from Reliance, which was given by Jamalbhai. That phone was at Irfanbhai’s address. Now I came to Bombay city and I came to know that my brother knows a person named Irrfan Khan and I also know him. The relationship was distant that he is Jamal Bhai’s brother, I will meet him whenever I want.”


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