Panipat of Mahayuti… Modi was told to be in danger; Praful Patel made a big claim

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The grand alliance has failed in the Lok Sabha elections. The grand alliance has got the least number of seats. While the grand alliance has got the maximum number of seats. This has created a stir in the grand alliance. Many reasons are being given for this defeat. The grand alliance is saying that it lost only because the opposition succeeded in setting the narrative against it. Also, the opposition ran a strong campaign to change the constitution. The leaders of the grand alliance are saying that this has led to their defeat. However, NCP leader Praful Patel has revealed a big secret that he had told Modi about this threat during the election campaign. So there is a stir.

Today was the anniversary of NCP. Addressing the same function, Praful Patel has made this claim. You have done a lot of work. There is no difference in it. But a narrative has been set. It remains to be seen whether the vote will be taken only on the basis of the promise of jobs. A campaign was run to change the constitution. This created misunderstanding in the tribal community. It was revealed that there are misunderstandings in the Dalit community. But there was a misunderstanding in the tribal community. We have failed to understand the tribal community. The President of the country is a tribal. I could not say that nothing can happen without his signature. There are more than 120 MPs from the Dalit community. Praful Patel said that we failed to say that they will not let the constitution be changed.

Modi said, but…

Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to Nagpur for election campaign. He was told that a campaign is going on to change the constitution. Nagpur is Dikshabhoomi. Baba Saheb brought revolution here. You can send a message from here. I told Modi to destroy the propaganda going on against us to change the constitution. Modi commented on this. They talked for five to seven minutes. But there was a big propaganda from social media. Patel said that he suffered a lot due to this.

get to work

There are 120 days left for the elections now. That means four months are left. Diwali is on October 31. The term of the AAP government is till November 19. Assembly elections will be held before or after Diwali. So we have to travel for 120 days. It is the rainy season. There is a conference. Ganesh ji will come. It is Navratri. It is Diwali. It is the farming season. In this development, we have to prepare for the elections. We are in the Mahagathbandhan. We all want to face the elections as a Mahagathbandhan.’ Recently, Bhujbal gave a suggestion. He told how many seats to contest. So now you should focus on 40-50 constituencies. Work in it. He appealed, prepare candidates and start working.

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