Once used to sell burgers in America, today is the world’s second highest paid CEO… What is the salary of Indian Nikesh Arora?

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America’s Silicon Valley is the headquarters of the world’s largest companies. Indians have a good influence in this Silicon Valley. The bosses of some big companies are also Indians. One of them is Nikesh Arora. He is the CEO of Palo Alto Networks and the highest paid CEO in the world. He has also left behind Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg, Google CEO Sundar Pichai in terms of salary. His salary is Rs 1,260 crore (151.43 million dollars).

Sundar Pichai has a higher salary than Zuckerberg!

The Wall Street Journal released the list of the highest paid people in 2023. First among them is Broadcom CEO Hawk Tan. Malaysian-born Hawk Tan’s salary is $162 million (about Rs 1,348 crore). Nikesh Arora, who is of Indian origin, is second on the list. His salary is Rs 1,260 crore. Arora also surpassed Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Rs 203 crore) and Google chief Sundar Pichai (about Rs 73 crore).

Who is Nikesh Arora?

Nikesh Arora hails from Uttar Pradesh. He was born on 9 February 1968 in Ghaziabad. His father was in the Indian Air Force. He graduated in Electrical Engineering from IIT in 1989. After this, he worked in Wipro for some time in India. After this, he went to Boston Northeastern University in Massachusetts, USA to do MBA. He joined Fidelity Investments in 1992. Then came Fidelity Technologies. He became Vice President at that place. He worked in Google. Left Google in 2014. Japan’s SoftBank Corp later acquired Palo Alto Networks in 2018.

Shantanu Narayan in 11th place

There are 17 people of Indian origin in the top 500 highest paid people of the world. Among them, Adobe’s Shantanu Narayan is at the eleventh place. His salary is 44.93 million dollars. It also includes the names of Sanjay Malhotra of Micron Technology, Ajay Gopal of Ansys and Reshma Kewalramani of Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

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