Oh God! You are feeling pity and also want bribe, why police demand bribe on EMI?

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Equal monthly installments ie EMI. You must have heard about this. Whenever we buy anything and are not able to pay for it in full, we can take the help of EMI. That means we can buy the goods by paying the amount in installments. Generally people use this facility to buy expensive goods. But have you ever heard that bribes are also taken and paid on EMI. One such case has come up in Gujarat. Here, government officials are showing mercy to the victims of bribery cases as if they are doing them a favor.

This year, 10 sensational cases of EMI bribery have come to light in Gujarat. To avoid the burden of bribing the victims in one go, these officials take bribes on EMIs in installments. A few cases of bribery by EMI in Gujarat are worth noting.

According to a news agency, a bribe of Rs 21 lakh was demanded from an individual in the state GST fake billing scam in March this year. The amount of this bribe is Rs. 2 lakh nine EMIs and Rs. 1 lakh divided into one EMI. A bribe was demanded by this officer so that the victim would not have to bear the burden of paying a bribe of Rs 21 lakh.

Bribe on EMI if financial condition is not good

On April 4, a deputy sarpanch and taluka panchayat member in Surat asked a man in the same village for Rs. 85,000 as bribe was demanded. The financial condition of the person from whom the bribe was demanded was not good. The accused showed little mercy considering his poor financial condition. It gave the person an EMI option. According to this he had to pay Rs 35,000 in advance and the remaining amount in three installments.

Corrupt officers even in the police

Two corrupt policemen also committed a similar incident in Sabarkantha, Gujarat. Money was taken from a person of Sabarkantha by taking a bribe of Rs.4 lakh. From whom a bribe of 4 lakh rupees was taken, he had to pay a bribe of 10 lakh rupees. This 4 lakh rupees was his first installment. In another such case, a cybercrime police officer demanded a bribe of Rs 10 lakh from a person. He divided this 10 lakh rupees in four installments. ACB director and DGP (law and order) Shamsher Singh said that all the cases that have come to them are being reported and investigated. Those who commit such crimes will not be spared.


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