Nikhil finally broke his silence on Daljeet Kaur’s allegations; told the reason for the breakdown of the marriage

Famous TV actress Daljeet Kaur married Kenyan businessman Nikhil Patel in Mumbai in March last year. After this marriage, she settled in Kenya with her son Jaden. But within a few months, problems started arising in the relationship between Daljeet and Nikhil. Eventually, within ten months of marriage, Daljeet returned to India with her son. After coming to India, she has accused Nikhil of having an extramarital affair. Not only this, she also said that Nikhil had refused to approve the marriage. Nikhil has finally broken his silence on all these allegations.

In an interview to E Times, Nikhil said, "In the month of January this year By Daljeet We decided to take the child to India. So there we got separated. The foundation of our blended family was not as strong as we had hoped. So Daljeet could not stay in Kenya. In March 2023, we got married in Mumbai in the Indian marriage system. Although this marriage is culturally accepted, it is not legally binding. The purpose of the ceremony was to assure her family that Daljeet would move to Kenya with me. Despite our best efforts, it became extremely challenging for Daljeet to stay in Kenya. She missed her career and life in India a lot. So this complication in marital life kept increasing.”

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“Cultural diversity, differences in each other's values ​​and beliefs were creating new challenges for our relationship day by day. The day Daljeet decided to leave Kenya, she informed me, her son's school and others. She did not want to return to Kenya except to pick up the rest of her belongings. I have kept all her belongings safe. Her departure was the end of our relationship for me. But because of the allegations she has made against me by posting on social media, my family and friends are facing abuse for no reason. She has crossed her limits. I hope she stops her behaviour.”

Not only this, Nikhil has also wished Daljeet all the best for his future life. He said that things should be clear so that both the families do not face any problems.


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