Neeta Ambani drinks ‘this’ expensive water!? The photo of ‘that’ bottle went viral, you will be shocked to hear the price…

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Known for her outspokenness and beauty, Nita Ambani is always in the news. Although she is famous as the wife of India’s famous industrialist and Asia’s richest man Mukesh Ambani, she also has a different identity. Her beauty and intelligence attract everyone’s attention. She drinks a special kind of water for her beauty. Her viral photo drinking water from a Nokhya bottle was being discussed for a long time. It has been claimed that Nita Ambani drinks the world’s most expensive water. People are more curious about her lifestyle.

According to a report by Bollywood Life, it is claimed that Nita Ambani drinks the world’s most expensive bottled water ‘Aqua di Cristallo Tributo e Modigliani’. Its price is said to be Rs 49 lakh. Some time ago, a morphed picture of her holding a bottle of golden water went viral, after which the discussion started. There was a lot of discussion about this on social media as well.

Actually, this is a real photo from 2015 during an IPL match, where he was holding a water bottle in his hand. But later that photo was edited and a gold bottle was shown in Nita Ambani’s hand. But there is no proof whether this photo is real or not. TV9 does not support this report.

What about Acqua di Cristallo Tributo e Modigliani?

‘Aqua di Cristallo Tributo e Modigliani’, sold at auction for $60,000 (about Rs 49 lakh). It has a 24-carat gold-plated bottle and is said to contain natural springs from Fiji and France, island water and 23-carat gold. It is claimed that Nita Ambani drinks that water, but there is no proof yet as to how much truth is there in it.

Radhika-Ananth’s second pre-wedding function in ET

Mukesh and Niti Ambani’s youngest daughter Anant Ambani is soon going to tie the knot with Radhika Merchant and before that they have organized another pre-wedding function. The first ceremony was held in Gujarat. So now everyone is going on a cruise in Italy. According to a report, Ambani has chartered this 1,073-foot cruise. It is one of the largest cruise lines in the world. It is known as Celebrity Ascent. The pre-wedding function will be held in Italy and France from May 29 to June 1.

,Disclaimer : The above information is given from available sources. We do not make any claim on its facts.)

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