Mumbai: Player suddenly collapsed on the field, heart attack during the match; death

Risk of heart attackImage credit source: pixabay

There have been many reports of heart attacks in recent days. Every day somewhere such incident comes to light. The latest case has come to light from the Mira Road area of ​​Thane, Mumbai. A player suffered a heart attack during a cricket match here. He fell while playing. The video of this incident is now going viral. Bystanders took the player to the hospital after the fall.

Doctors went to the hospital and treated the player but the player died. Now many questions have arisen due to this incident. People are asking different kinds of questions on social media. The incident took place in Kashigaon Police Station area. A cricket match was going on here. A player took a shot. After this he was waiting for the next ball at the crease.

The player fell during the match

Suddenly he fell down. Seeing him fall, other players playing the match ran towards him. The umpire also went to help him, but by then it was too late. At first it looked like the player had fainted. It was believed that perhaps due to excessive heat, attempts were made to revive him, but he did not regain consciousness.

The video went viral on social media

He was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital, where doctors declared him brought dead. He was found to have suffered a heart attack. The video of this incident has gone viral on social media. Users are expressing different opinions. Currently such cases are coming to light which are becoming a matter of concern for doctors.


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