Mughal History: Babar was also troubled by the heat of India, what measures did he take to save himself?

Heat records are being broken in the country and new high temperatures are being recorded every day. The temperature in Phalodi, Rajasthan has reached 51 degrees Celsius. The heat is making everyone miserable. The country is eagerly waiting for the monsoon. Not only today, a few hundred years ago too, the country was in a similar condition due to heat. Babur has recorded very interesting things about the weather of that time. Babur laid the foundation of the Mughal Empire in India. The Mughal emperor has mentioned the heat here in his autobiography Baburnama. He wrote that three things surprised me in India. One is the heat, second is the biting cold and third is the dust.

Babur’s reign was short compared to his other generations. But he did many things to escape the heat here. Built many things. Built a private garden. Babur first built a bathhouse in the palace to escape the heat, dust and severe cold. The Mughal emperor had said that this bathhouse will protect from all three things. The big wall of the bathhouse will keep you cool in summer. Water should be provided according to the season. This idea came to Babur’s mind while crossing the Yamuna river after spending some time in Agra.


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