MP: New rules for e-rickshaws in Bhopal, speed will be available only in 15km; Learn everything here

Now a big action is going to be taken against the e-rickshaws running recklessly on the roads of Bhopal. E-rickshaw drivers have disrupted traffic in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. The situation is such that traffic jams are created at many places. In such a situation, the traffic police is going to rein in these e-rickshaw drivers. Now the government is going to take major action to ensure that e-rickshaws do not cause jams at various places.

The Bhopal Traffic Police has prepared a draft under which e-rickshaw drivers will be able to ply e-rickshaws within a radius of 15 km from their homes. Traffic DCP Sanjay Singh said that till now there was no ban on e-rickshaw drivers but due to this there is a lot of chaos on the roads. E-rickshaw drivers park their rickshaw anywhere.

Get relief from jam

Chaos has been seen due to e-rickshaw drivers for a long time now, due to which now after the meeting the limits will be fixed by making rules and laws and within the same limit the e-rickshaw drivers will ply e-rickshaws. . Due to which people will get relief from jam on roads. Nowadays the number of e-vehicles is increasing significantly and many well-known companies have also joined the race. In this context, the use of e-rickshaws in the city is also increasing rapidly.

New rules will be introduced


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