MP: Forest guard physical test in 45 degree mercury, youth faints in 25km race; died

Heat is breaking records across the country. Alerts have been issued in many states regarding the heatwave. The Meteorological Department says that people should step out of their homes only if there is any important work to be done. The weather department’s warning is having an impact on the common people, but the government departments are not ready to believe it. In Madhya Pradesh’s Balaghat district, the forest department conducted the physical test of the forest guard exam in scorching heat. Many job seekers completed a 25 km run to clear the exam. A young man fainted during this race, due to which he died. When this matter came up for discussion, questions began to arise that why the exam was conducted in extreme heat, could the same test not have been conducted a month later?

In today’s era, what youth need most is employment. In such a situation, if there is a question of getting a government job, the youth risk their lives, but sometimes the youth risk their lives and lose their lives. In fact, in Balaghat district, the forest department conducted a physical test of forest guards in scorching heat. Candidates had to run 25 kilometers in the exam. A candidate named Salim Maurya (27) also came for the physical test. Salim completed the 20 km race, but then he collapsed on the ground.

The DFO expressed grief over the death of the candidate

The medical team immediately treated Salim, but could not save him. Salim’s brother Vinod Jatav said he had gone on the run. Later we got information that candidate number 92 has died. Vinod said that Salim’s health is not bad and neither is he suffering from any kind of illness. We don’t understand how he died? An official of the forest department expressed grief over the incident. The DFO said Salim had almost finished his race. Only two to two and a half kilometers were left to run, but suddenly his health failed. Doctors declared him dead during treatment.

Former CM Digvijay Singh has demanded an inquiry


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