Modi will not be Prime Minister after the age of seventy five, is this the biggest claim?

The Lok Sabha elections have begun and the BJP has emerged as the single largest party. In this way BJP could not get power single handedly. Being far from the majority, the government will have to be formed with the help of friends other than the BJP. Prime Minister Modi will soon claim power and there are reports that the swearing-in ceremony will be held on June 8. The Yandachi election itself was very different. Exit poll data has also been proven wrong.

Anil Thatte has also expressed his opinion regarding the election or Chitravar. He said, ‘Modi is not the avatar of Ramlalla’s boat. Raman took many boats. How do you hold Rama’s boat? So they were defeated. Ramchati you went to introduce yourself. By showing only Rama, you are not showing people but your own darshan.’

‘They should have changed some clauses of the constitution. So Dalit and Muslim factor happened. Ajit Pawar was not a choice for Shinde and Fadnavis. AjitDada Oh darling, it was magical. Everything became plus and minus because of Raj Thackeray. Ajit Pawar is not to be chosen as his wife. Ajitdad’s seat was wanted by BJP. Ajit Dada’s side will have massive divisions. Mala Jitendra Awad said that Ajit Pawar’s people are in touch with us and will never stop talking. Hey, I don’t want to.’

‘The lobby against Fadnavis is strong. They think Fadnavis should go. Fadnavis has become everyone’s favorite. He considers himself a mini Modi. Fadnavis is a stuntman.

‘Supriya Sule became victorious. Because BJP failed to work for Sunetra Pawar there. BJP has done the opposite. Nitish Kumar is Palturam. The Maroons will come first. There is a proposal in UP during the NDA in the year 2014, both of them are no-confidence. This is what the government thinks. Asan hi te shehat.

‘Modi will not be Prime Minister’

‘Modi will not be Prime Minister after 75. If Modi comes to the seat, there will be no trust. Uddhav Thackeray will be the next Chief Minister of the Mahagadi government. Fadnavis need neither think nor worry. BJP has not helped Eknath Shinde and Ajit Pawar. BJP has never introspected. There are many people against Fadnavis.

‘Naresh Musk is not Jinkle but Eknath Shinde is Jinkle. Neither Naresh Musk nor Lok Sabha matters. Eknath was chosen as a magical trickster. Narayan Rane’s quality was reflected in his name as a young man.

‘I consider Amol Kirthikar a victory. Because Amol Kirtikar was in Khichdi. Vaikars must have been corrupted in many places. He has taken many benefits from Thackeray. Anil Thatte has also said the same.


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