Modi has lost the dignity of a Prime Minister; Manmohan Singh directly attacks him

In the last phase of the Lok Sabha elections, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has written a letter to the people of Punjab. In this letter, Manmohan Singh has strongly attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi is giving disgusting speeches. He has reduced the credibility and prestige of the post of Prime Minister. Attacking, Manmohan Singh has said that Modi is the first Prime Minister of the country to lose the dignity of the post of Prime Minister. In the last phase, voting will be held on 57 seats on June 1. Even before this, Manmohan Singh has attacked Modi and made a panchnama of his ten years of work.

Only Congress can provide development and progressive future to this country. Democracy and constitution will be protected only when Congress comes to power. Inhumanization has reached its peak in the country. Therefore, now we want to save our country from these forces, Manmohan Singh has said in this letter.

Targeted by Agniveer Scheme

During this time, he also criticized the central government regarding the Agniveer scheme. BJP feels that the value of patriotism, bravery and service is only four years. Manmohan Singh has criticized that BJP’s fake nationalism is visible in this. Many Congress leaders had targeted BJP regarding the Agniveer scheme.

Divisive speech

This time he also objected to Modi’s speeches. I am waiting for the political debate in this election. Modi has given very hate-filled speeches. These speeches are divisive. Modi is the first Prime Minister of the country to lose the seriousness of the post of Prime Minister by reducing the atmosphere of public debate. He also said that no Prime Minister before him had used so many hateful, unparliamentary and uncivilized words.

Quick response to allegations

He said, the aim of Modi’s speeches was to target a certain section of the society or the opposition. He also criticized Modi for repeatedly lying. I have never done this in my life… He also threatened that this sentence has become a copyright sentence of the BJP.


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