Modi Government-3: What will the Modi government do in the first 125 days after coming to power, this is the roadmap

The campaign for the last phase of the Lok Sabha elections will end today. Now voting will take place on 57 seats in the seventh phase on June 1. After this, the counting of votes will take place on June 4. This has attracted the attention of not only the whole country but also the world. Political analysts have once again predicted the Modi government coming to power. According to this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has said what he will do in the first 125 days after coming to power. At a campaign rally in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, Prime Minister Narendra Modi outlined the roadmap for the first 125 days of Modi Government 3.0.

25 days only for youth

Speaking at an election rally on Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that our government will not waste a single moment during the elections. The government has prepared a roadmap of what to do in the first 125 days after the decision. 25 days are reserved only for the youth. The outline of the big decisions to be taken in the next five years has also been prepared. Along with this, the government is also working fast on the vision for the next 25 years.

Blessings of every Indian

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, today the people of the country have a lot of expectations. A new confidence has come in the country. This will be a hat-trick of a full majority government after a decade. The biggest reason for this is the dream of a developed India. Today every Indian is connected to this dream. That is why we are getting the blessings of every Indian of the country.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while talking about his government’s foreign policy, said that today when people of Punjab go abroad, they see that India’s respect has increased there. When the domestic government is strong, the foreign government sees our strength. This government is strong. This is a government that kills the enemies by entering their homes.’ The Modi government is once again announcing to make India prosperous.




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