Mahoba: Extreme heat inside the engine, heatwave and 55 degree mercury… train loco pilot fainted

The whole country is currently suffering from severe heat. The temperature has crossed 49 degrees in many places. The condition of summer is such that the body is burning by being in the sun even for a moment. People everywhere are getting sick in this heat. Meanwhile, a case has also come to light today from UP’s Mahoba, where the health of a train crew pilot collapsed due to heat wave. The pilot could not bear the 55 degree temperature and fainted.

Due to the heat in Mahoba, the health of the train people and the pilot deteriorated. Due to continuous duty of 9 hours with temperature of 55 degrees inside the engine, he fell unconscious after a series of bouts of vomiting and dizziness. He was taken to the district hospital by ambulance for fellow workers. Due to the sudden deterioration in the health of the loco pilot, the goods train was stopped at Mahoba station for about two and a half hours. After the arrival of the second pilot, the freight train was diverted from Mahoba to Banda.

The engine temperature reached 55 degrees.

In Bundelkhand’s Mahoba district, the Meteorological Department has already issued an alert regarding the heat wave, which is affecting normal life. The extreme heat has disturbed the people in Mahoba district as the temperature reached around 48 degrees. Meanwhile, due to this heat, the condition of the pilot of goods train from Jhansi to Banda also worsened. It is being told that the temperature of the engine of the freight train had risen to around 55 degrees.

The loco pilot drank 10 liters of water

Despite feeling dizzy, Vinod took the goods train to Mahoba station, where when a fellow employee reported the pilot’s deteriorating condition, higher-ups allegedly forced him to work under an 11th-hour memo and asked him to take him. Next train. But the pilot’s condition worsened. Loco pilot Vinod stopped the freight train and got down, vomited and became unconscious. A fellow employee immediately informed the higher authorities about this and also informed the ambulance. With the help of an ambulance, the loco pilot was admitted to the emergency ward of Mahoba District Hospital, where he is undergoing treatment.


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