Maharashtra Political News Live: 351st Shiva coronation today, thousands of Shiva devotees enter Raigadwar

Today the 351st Shiva Rajyabhishek Sohala is being celebrated in Fort Raigadwar. That means thousands of Shiva devotees have entered Raigadwar. Raigadwar will be worshiped by Sambhaji Chhatrapati. After becoming MP from Pune and Baramati for the third time, Supriya Sule will come to Pune for the first time today. Supriya Sule will be warmly welcomed by the activists. The state will receive heavy rain from Saturday. Monsoon is favorable for climate. Monsoon rains are expected to enter Tokkonat on Wednesday. But actually the monsoon season has been disrupted. There is a chance of seasonal rain in Tokkonat today. Heavy rain is forecast in most parts of the state for the next three days from Saturday. Or other important news like sports, entertainment, government sector news will be available to you or read in blog. So follow this blog all day today.


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