Maharashtra Lok Sabha Election Result: Sunetra Pawar was Padanarach?, What Hasan Mushrif Said?

After the Lok Sabha elections, the discussion of winning and losing has started. Victory begins to be celebrated and responsibility for defeat on the other hand is determined. Various statements were made by various leaders of the government then. Meanwhile, Hasan Musharrif, leader of the Nationalist Congress and state medical education minister, has introduced shocking laws. Hasan Mushrif has said that Supriya Sule for the Lok Sabha seat in Baramati and Ajitdada for the Assembly seat would have been celebrated by such people. Nationalist Congress leaders know that Ajit Pawar’s wife Sunetra Pawar has been defeated in Baramati because of this? Such discussion has started.

Opposition to Shaktipeeth Mahamargala in Kolhapur

It was autumn in many parts of the country, including Kolhapurcha. Around 6 lakh people voted for Sanjay Mandlik in Kolhapur. We are shocked that Sanjay Mandlik did not get majority votes from Kagalmadhu. But we are not going to Khachun, Kamala is busy for assembly elections. The Shaktipeeth Mahamargala farmers may have protested, reprimanded their anger. Hasan Musharif has said that our yatra will wake up on time.

People think something like this…

People in Baramati would have supported Supriya Sule for Lok Sabha and Ajitdada for Assembly. Because of this the candidate of Baramati Lok Sabha seat Sunetra Pawar was defeated. There is no doubt that Ajit Pawar will be elected with lakhs of votes in the next assembly elections. He said that by introspecting on defeat after defeat, the things left behind will be rectified and Sunetra Pawar Kamala will start a new life again in the future.

There are wins and losses in elections. So it should be humbly accepted. Don’t be mad at a win and don’t be upset at a loss. Our leader is a brave man. Defeat does not go as a curse. So our leaders and followers will face the assembly election with determination.



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