Lok Sabha Election Results 2024: Is BJP wiped out in Maharashtra? Veteran leaders, strength in the state, why is the alliance being affected?

Recently the results of Lok Sabha were declared. This year’s results showed a different picture than before. Mahavikas Aghadi got a spectacular victory in Maharashtra, while Mahayuti did not get the expected success. Meanwhile, Eknath Khadse, while commenting on the results of Lok Sabha, has said that people are not convinced by this rift. Apart from this, Eknath Khadse indirectly criticized BJP. Did BJP collapse when it had a large number of people? This is why this result is being considered. Because the Mahagathbandhan, which won 41 out of 48 seats in 2019, has now reached only 17 seats in 2024 with the unconditional support of three parties and Raj Thackeray. In 2019, 23 MPs of BJP were elected, but this year only 9 MPs were elected due to the loss of 14 MPs of BJP. The public has refuted the illusion of MLAs and leaders i.e. the public. Watch a special report in this regard


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