Maharashtra Lok Sabha Election Results 2024 LIVE: Pankaja Munde leads in 8th round

Maharashtra Lok Sabha Election Results 2024 LIVE Counting and Updates: Counting of votes for Lok Sabha elections has begun. The entire nation’s attention is focused on this result. Lok Sabha elections have been held in seven phases in the country. The results have also started coming out in some places.

Polling for the Lok Sabha elections was held from April 19 to May 20 in 48 constituencies of Maharashtra. After the five-phase polling, the people of the state were waiting for the counting of votes. In all the constituencies of the state, it was a maha vikas aghadi versus mahayuti contest. Baramati Lok Sabha constituency turned out to be one of the most interesting contests in the state. Sharad Pawar and Ajit Pawar of the Pawar family fought in this seat. Ajit Pawar’s wife Sunetra Pawar is contesting against Sharad Pawar’s daughter Supriya Sule. What will be the results in 48 constituencies? The people of the state are excited about it. Read every update from all constituencies..

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Live Updates

04 June 2024 12:06 PM (IST)

Beed Lok Sabha Election Result: Pankaja Munde leads in 8th round

Pankaja Munde is leading in the eighth round. The lead is Pankaja Munde. Pankaja Munde vs Bajrang Sonawane is a battle.

04 June 2024 11:06 AM (IST)

Beed Lok Sabha Election Result: Pankaja Munde trailing in fifth round

Pankaja Munde is also trailing in the fifth round. Bajrang Sonawane is leading the way. For Pankaja Munde, this is a matter of concern. All eyes are on this election.

04 June 2024 10:58 AM (IST)

Shirur Lok Sabha Election Result: Amol Kolhe leading in Shirur by 25,088 votes

Shirur Lok Sabha Election Result LIVE: Shirur, Pune: Amol Kolhe is leading from Shirur at the end of the fifth round.

Amol Kolhe’s lead continues

  • Amol Kolhe leading by 25,088 votes
  • Shivaji Adhalrao Patil trailing

04 June 2024 10:43 AM (IST)

Baramati Lok Sabha Result 2024: Supriya Sule leads by 19,000 votes from Baramati

Baramati Lok Sabha Result 2024: Supriya Sule is leading by over 19,000 votes at the end of the fourth round in Baramati. Sunetra Pawar is trailing.

04 June 2024 10:38 AM (IST)

Nandurbar Lok Sabha Result: 80,000 votes leading in Nandurbar after fifth round

Nandurbar: Congress candidate leading by over 80,000 votes in Lok Sabha constituency at the end of fifth round

04 June 2024 10:32 AM (IST)

Omraje Nimbalkar crosses 1 lakh vote mark

Shiv Sena’s Ubatha candidate Omraje Nimbalkar crossed the 1 lakh vote mark. In the fourth round, Omraje got 1.03 lakh votes. There is a huge difference of 44,000 votes between the two candidates.

04 June 2024 10:26 AM (IST)

Supriya Sule vs Sunetra Pawar Loksabha Result 2024

Supriya Sule leading in Baramati by  5770 votes

04 June 2024 10:25 AM (IST)

Mumbai Lok Sabha: Tough match in Mumbai; What is the situation in Mumbai according to the trends so far?

Mumbai Lok Sabha Election Result 2024: Mumbai is witnessing a tough match. What is the situation in Mumbai according to the trends so far?

North Central Mumbai –
Ujjwal Nikam (BJP) – 59352
Varsha Gaikwad (INC) – 47423

Nikam leading by 11,929 votes

North East Lok Sabha constituency

Total votes received

Nandesh Upam – 390 votes
– Mihir Kotecha – 19158 votes
Sanjay Dina Patil – 24082 votes

Sanjay Dina leading by 12,288 votes

North Mumbai constituency

Piyush Goyal (BJP) – 53,959
Goyal leading by 27,867 votes
– Bhushan Patil (INC) – 26102

Mumbai North West constituency

Ravindra Waikar leads by 5,115 votes

Waikar 33966 votes

Amol Kirtikar 18811 votes

North Central Mumbai constituency

Ujjwal Nikam (BJP) – 69375
Varsha Gaikwad (INC) – 53882

Nikam leading by 15,493 votes

North West Mumbai

Ravindra Waikar – 38192
Amol Kirtikar – 31691
Waikar leading by 6,501 votes

04 June 2024 10:19 AM (IST)

Baramati Election Result 2024

Supriya Sule leading in Baramati by just 343 votes

04 June 2024 10:00 AM (IST)

Lok Sabha election result: EVM machines in Malshiras taluka shut down

Two EVMs in Malshiras taluka fell off. When the EVM machines are opened, the error is shown. The third round of Madha constituency was stopped. EvMs are being inspected by technical teams.

04 June 2024 09:51 AM (IST)

LS Election Results 2024: Rahul Gandhi leading by 8,993 votes from Rae Bareli, Modi trailing by 6,000 votes from Varanasi

Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Results Vote Counting Live Updates: Rahul Gandhi is leading by 8993 votes from Rae Bareli. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had contested from Varanasi. Narendra Modi is trailing by over 6,000 votes from Varanasi.

04 June 2024 09:47 AM (IST)

Nashik Lok Sabha Election Result 2024: Rajabhau Waze leading by 36,340 votes

Nashik Lok Sabha Election Result 2024: Maha Vikas Aghadi candidate Rajabhau Waze is leading by 36,340 votes at the end of the fourth round in Nashik Lok Sabha constituency. Mahayuti candidate Hemant Godse is trailing.

04 June 2024 09:45 AM (IST)

Baramati Lok Sabha Election Result: Supriya Sule leading

Supriya Sule is leading in the second round from Baramati. The contest is between Sunetra Pawar and Supriya Sule.

04 June 2024 09:45 AM (IST)

Lok sabha election result 2024: narendra modi had hatchet fix but 400 will not be cross

The lok sabha election result: the trends of the lok sabha election results that have been following the nine p. m seems to be the third successive government formed under the leadership of the narendra modi. The figure of 272 required for a majority has been outgrown by BJP. The nda 301 and India alliance is ahead at 174 seats It is clear that the BJP’s 400 par slogan does not seem to succeed

04 June 2024 09:40 AM (IST)

Lok sabha election results 2024 live: big vials looking in the trends

The initial trends in the lok sabha polls now show a vicissitudes. The nda seems to be getting full majority. Though the nda was ahead of 300 plus seats, it is now ahead on 299 seats. At the same time India organisation is ahead of 182 seats. 502 seats have come up yet.

Lok sabha election results 2024 live news: lok sabha elections 2024 has witnessed a series of outcomes. Will PM modi be able to match pandit Nehru ‘s record, will the BJP be able to make a hat – trick of winning, or will we be able to stop the vijayath of India alliance nda? Now the answers to these questions have begun.

The counting of votes for the results of lok sabha polls continues from 8 am on 4th June. In the initial trends, the nda seems to be getting a khatakhat majority. Right there, the India alliance is also giving a very tough collision. The nda is currently moving forward at 300 plus seats, while the India alliance is also ahead of 170 plus seats. Now it’s interesting to see how these trends change results. If these trends are converted into results, the modi government will once again be put under seal in the country. It is reported that the lok sabha elections were held in 2024 in seven phases.

The results of the polling in all the 543 seats in the lok sabha are now coming out. Most exit polls have predicted the modi government once again. Some exit polls predict that the nda would cross 400 this time. The election results will now show how true the exit poll ‘s results are. Read news for all results of the lok sabha election.

Actually, the first stage voting took place on April 19 and the voting was held in the last half of June. In a festival of 45 days of democracy, it is now known as its government will be formed in the country. The fate of 8360 candidates of nearly 55 parties in the country is going to be decided today. The results of the polling in all the 543 seats in the lok sabha are now coming out. However, the first and most accurate way to reach out to you will be your own number forest news channel news 18 India. Whether you live in a UK – bihar or Kashmir – kanyakumari… the news news 18 will bring the first of all the 543 seats of the lok sabha to you. So let ‘s say every latest updates linked to the results of the lok sabha elections.


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