Lightning struck the field and blue water started flowing from the ground, a crowd gathered to see the blue water, watch the video

Blue water started flowing in the fields of Dharashiv district.

Monsoon has reached many parts of the state. Rain is falling with lightning at many places. This has brought relief to the farmers. Agricultural work has gained momentum. A strange incident happened in Dharashiv district of Marathwada. Lightning struck a field in Masala village of Tuljapur taluka of Dharashiv district. After this, blue colored water started flowing from the agricultural land. As soon as the blue water started coming from under the ground, a crowd of citizens of the area gathered to see it. People are making their videos and making them viral on social media.

Why is the water blue?

Why did blue water start flowing from the fields after lightning struck? The administration has started efforts to investigate this question. For this, the help of geology will be taken. The color of the water is very dark blue. People are being surprised by such an incident in Dharshiv district. Rain has started in many parts of Marathwada. But the kind of discussion that is going on in Dharshiv is going on everywhere.

Water availability in Jayakwadi after rain

Due to heavy rains in Marathwada, water has started flowing in Jayakwadi dam. Water has started accumulating in the dam from the first rain itself. Due to this rain, enough water has accumulated in Sambhajinagar for a month. Water storage in Jayakwadi dam has increased by about 1 percent. The inflow of water in Jayakwadi dam is 4600 cusecs. Filling of Jayakwadi dam will provide relief to Marathwada.

Arrival of monsoon in Sambhajinagar

Monsoon has arrived in full swing in Sambhajinagar. 57.8 mm of rain has fallen in 6 hours. 57.8 mm in Sambhajinagar. Chikalthana Observatory said that rain was recorded. Nanded, Beed, Jalna, Parbhani, Latur, Dharashiv districts also received rain. In such a situation, Marathwada, which is facing drought, has got a big relief.


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