Kanpur: BJP leaders were talking to the girl… Angry youth beat the girl 15 times, got life imprisonment after 6 years

The court pronounced the sentence in the BJP leader Satish Kashyap murder case.

Three people have been sentenced to life imprisonment in the murder of BJP leader and builder Satish Kashyap and his partner Rishabh six-and-a-half years ago in Maheshwari Mohal, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Apart from this, the court also imposed a fine of Rs 20,000 on the three killers (Safai Nayak, his two accomplices). The accused were upset with the love affair of Safai Nayak Shivparvat and his partner Satish Kashyap. For this reason he killed Satish Kashyap.

Indeed, Safai Nayak was troubled by the growing closeness between Satish Kashyap and his girlfriend. This was the reason why Satish Kashyap also replaced Safai Nayak. This move of Satish further enraged Safai Nayak, after which he along with his two accomplices attacked Satish with a knife day in and day out. He also beat up his friend Rishabh who came to save Satish from the attack.

The daughter was right

Satish Kashyap’s daughter said that Safai Nayak Shivparvat’s girlfriend Kalpana lived near Etawan’s house. She was talking to her father. Due to which Safai Nayak was angry with his father and therefore he committed the incident like murder.

What did the daughter say in court?

BJP leader Satish Kashyap’s daughter told the court the entire story of the day of the murder. The daughter said, ‘My father was killed with a knife in front of my eyes. Rishabh, who came to save his father, was also beaten to death by the killers. The killers stabbed him 14-15 times with a knife. When he raised the alarm, he pushed my father and his associate Rishabh and all three ran away.

What was the demand of the family?

During the court hearing, the family’s lawyer Sanjay Kumar Jha demanded capital punishment for the culprits. Kumar, in his plea, said the criminals, fearlessly in broad daylight, killed two people, one of whom was just 18 years old, in a public place. So they should be given capital punishment. At the same time, the defense sought a lesser sentence due to poor economic status and lack of criminal history.


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