Jugalbandi between PM Modi and Nitish, there will be huge profit opportunities in these 10 stocks

If you also want to make money in the stock market, you may find this news useful. In reality, the NDA central government is moving forward with the support of Nitish Kumar’s JDU party. Due to the combination of both, stock market investors are going to make enormous profits. Due to the combination of Modi and Nitish, there may be a rise in the shares of 10 companies operating from Bihar. Which includes Aditya Vision Limited, KNR Construction, Refex Industries, Ahluwalia Contracts (India), Globus Spirits, Ashoka Buildcon, etc.

Chance to win in these 10 stocks

Aditya’s Vision: It is a Patna based retail company that mainly sells consumer electronics products of various brands. Apart from Bihar, Aditya Vision’s business is also spread across states like Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand. On Friday, its shares strengthened by 1.40 per cent to settle at Rs 3,715.

SIS GROUP: This security service provider company is counted among the top companies based in Bihar. The company supplies guards to many major institutions. In addition, the company is also engaged in ATM cash management. On June 7, SIS shares closed at Rs 427.50 on NSE with a gain of 3.35 per cent.

V2 Retail: This company runs fashion outlets in Bihar and NCR. Currently, the company operates more than 27 outlets in Bihar. On Friday, its share price hit a high of 5 per cent and closed at Rs 559.

Balloon Spirits: This company that manufactures products such as liquor, alcohol and disinfectants has been around for more than 3 decades. Apart from Bihar, the company also runs factories in Rajasthan, Haryana and West Bengal. On Friday, its shares rose 2.54 per cent and closed at Rs 742.

KNR Construction: KNR Construction Limited’s portfolio includes 668 lane kilometers of projects in Telangana, Karnataka and Bihar. In the fourth quarter of the financial year 2023-24, it charged a toll of Rs 9.6 crore for the Muzaffarpur-Barauni project in Bihar. The total toll collection for the fiscal year 2023-24 was Rs 41.3 crore. The market capitalization of KNR Construction Limited is Rs 10,601 crore. Its CMP is Rs 377, whose P/E is 14. The company’s sales have increased by 15.1 percent in the last three years.

Refex Industries: Refex Industries Limited operates ash disposal plants in several power producing states including Bihar. The market capitalization of the company is Rs 1,694 crore and that of CMP is Rs 153 crore. Its P/E is 18.2. Its sales have increased 29.8 percent in three years.

Ahluwalia (India) Limited Contracts : This company has an order book from Bihar worth Rs 10,510 crore. The market capitalization of the company is Rs 7,801 crore, whose CMP is Rs 1,164. Its P/E is 33.6. Sales have increased 24.8 percent in three years.

Ashoka Buildcon Limited: Under the Bharatmala scheme, an EPC project was procured to provide six lanes on the Aurangabad-Bihar-Jharkhand border section of NH-2. The value of this project is Rs 520 million. Ashoka Buildcon Limited’s market capitalization is Rs 5,445 crore. Its CMP is Rs 194, while its sales have increased by 25.2 per cent in three years.

Jeena Sikho Lifecare Limited : Jeena Sikho Lifecare Limited is a leading company providing Ayurvedic healthcare services in India. This company operates one hospital and ten clinics in Bihar. Jeena Sikho Lifecare Limited has a market capitalization of Rs 2,751 crore and a CMP of Rs 1,106. Its P/E is 39.8. Its sales have increased 33.7 percent in the last three years.

Limited SIS: SIS Limited was established in 1985 at Patna. Provides security and related services, including manned security and training. The market capitalization of SIS Limited is Rs 6,189 crore and CMP is Rs 430 crore. Its P/E is 32.6. Its sales have increased 10.3 percent in three years.

Hindustan Media Ventures Limited: Leading daily newspaper brand in Bihar and Uttarakhand. It ranks second in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Delhi. The market capitalization of Hindustan Media Ventures Limited is Rs 718 crore. Its CMP is Rs 97.5, whose P/E is 96.4. Its sales growth in three years is 8.88 percent.


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