Jharkhand: ‘Sir, please let me talk to my boyfriend…’, girl pleads with police; Then…

Dial 100 to complain to the girl’s police

Dil Toh Paagal Hai… Dil Deewana Hai… No, these are not just the lines of the song, but they are absolutely true. Affected by matters of the heart, a person often begins to do things that he himself did not even imagine. Especially when love is new, a different feeling dominates one’s heart and mind. In the midst of this love one forgets everything.

You must have heard many stories about madness in love, but you will also be shocked to know the story of the madness of a girl from Maithon in Dhanbad, Jharkhand. When a boyfriend and girlfriend have a fight over something, they often don’t pick up each other’s calls or sometimes even while working. But many times people get so upset that when their boyfriend or girlfriend does not pick up their phone that they call a friend or relative, but this girl from Dhanbad directly handed over the phone to the police.

The police was also shocked after hearing the girl’s story

The police were also shocked to see the madness of this girl. The police immediately took notice of the matter. Generally, the police issues dial number 100 to help the general public in case of emergency. But even the police were stunned by the madness of this girl. The girl called Dial 100 and said that her boyfriend was not picking up the phone. He should talk.

The police solved the case

The girlfriend’s weirdness didn’t stop there, she said that she has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for five years, but currently he is angry with her over something and won’t pick up the phone. The girl further said that the matter is very serious for her and requested that the matter be looked into. After this conversation with the control room, the police also acted quickly and alerted Mathon police to solve the problem. The police also did not discourage the girl but instead of helping her, called her to the police station and settled the matter.


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