Jagannath Sarkar of BJP won from Ranaghat by 1 lakh 86 thousand 899 votes, know about him

Jagannath government won Lok Sabha election from Ranaghat

The results of the Lok Sabha elections held in the country have come. The results of 42 seats of West Bengal have also been announced. This time the storm of Trinamool Congress in West Bengal was such that the Bharatiya Janata Party had to suffer a heavy loss. Congress has also lost one seat in this storm of TMC. Trinamool, which is in power in the state, captured 29 seats. However, even after such a big victory, TMC lost in Ranaghat. Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Jagannath Sarkar has won from here for the second time in a row.

In this election, the Jagannath government has got 7 lakh 82 thousand 396 votes. He has defeated TMC candidate Mukut Mani Adhikari by a margin of 1 lakh 86 thousand 899 votes. The vote percentage of the Jagannath government was 50.78. Mukut Mani Adhikari could get only 5 lakh 95 thousand 497 votes. In this seat Alokesh Das of the left party is in the third place by getting 1 lakh 23 thousand 810 votes. Biplab Biswas of Bahujan Samaj Party was also in the fray from here but he finished fourth and got only 9 thousand 392 votes. This time seven candidates were in the fray for the Ranaghat seat.

How was the result in 2019?

In the year 2019, Jagannath Sarkar defeated Rupali Vishwas of Trinamool Congress by 2 lakh 33 thousand 428 votes. At that time the Jagannath government can get 7 lakh 83 thousand 254 votes while Trinamool’s Rupali Biswas can get 5 lakh 49 thousand 825 votes. In 2019, Rama Biswas of CPI(M) managed to get 97 thousand 771 votes and came third.

Jagannath Sarkar was born on 2 January 1963 in Tashuli, Bankura, West Bengal. Jannath Sarkar married Arpita Sarkar in 1999 and they have two children, a daughter and a son. Jagannath Sarkar earned BA and B.Ed degrees in Physical Education from Calcutta University, Kalyani University, Kolkata and became a teacher. Now he is retired.

How much is the property?

According to 61-year-old Jagannath Sarkar’s 2024 election affidavit, four criminal cases have been registered against him. Talking about his assets, he has movable assets worth 30 lakh 48 thousand 968 rupees and immovable property worth 1 crore 92 lakh 80 thousand rupees. That is, his total wealth is 2 crore 23 lakh 28 thousand 968 rupees. He has 20 grams of gold, worth around Rs 1.5 lakh.


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