‘It’s not in my control…’, Anurag Kashyap fears working with Shah Rukh Khan, reveals himself

Why didn’t Anurag Kashyap do a film with Shahrukh?

Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap is in the news because of his films as well as his statements. Recently, Anurag revealed why he did not work with superstar Shah Rukh Khan. He told his fans the reason behind not working with big actors. Anurag believes that working with Shahrukh is impossible.

In fact, during a recent interview with Humans of Cinema, Anurag Kashyap was asked why he never worked with Shah Rukh Khan despite being a fan. In response to which the director said that his favorite film of Shah Rukh Khan is Chak De India. Also sometimes yes and sometimes no. In his initial phase, Shahrukh worked with everyone. But now it is impossible to do a film with Shah Rukh Khan. He once wished for her and liked her very much, but now he is very afraid of her fans.

According to Anurag, in the age of social media, he is very afraid of the fanbase of big stars. Actors also get typecast because of fans and fans want the same things from them over and over again. If it doesn’t happen, the fans don’t accept it, so even the stars are afraid to try new things.

Filmmaker Anurag continued, “So I’m scared because I will make the film I want to make and it won’t be just for the fans. Then whatever happens, its side effects or consequences can prove very costly for you. So it is not in my hands to complete Shahrukh’s aura. If his film ‘Fan’ had been successful at the box office, I would have even said that I have the guts to work with him.”


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