IRS had affairs with many other women and not with Shilpa? The secret will be revealed with the CDR of the mobile

The case of deputy manager Shilpa Gautam’s suicide in Lotus Boulevard society flat located in Sector 100, Noida is gaining momentum. Police have arrested the accused IRS officer Saurabh Meena following the allegations of the father of the deceased in this case. Police are now investigating the entire kundli of IRS Saurabh Meena. Police have seized IRS Saurabh’s mobile and are preparing to send it to the forensic lab for investigation.

DCP Noida Vidya Sagar Mishra has said that the police is probing the phone CDR of the IRS officer. The phone is being sent to the laboratory. Currently, the investigation has revealed that Saurabh Meena had relations with many women. The information about how many women Saurabh had relations with will soon be known through the CDR investigation.

The father has made serious allegations

The whole matter came to light last Saturday with the news of a woman’s suicide in Lotus Boulevard Society. The woman was identified as deputy manager Shilpa Gautam. While the flat where his body was found hanging belongs to IRS officer Saurabh Meena. After this the police spoke to Shilpa’s father in which he said that he had leveled several serious allegations against Saurabh Meena.

The father of deceased Shilpa Gautam has leveled many serious allegations against Saurabh Meena. In his statement to the police, he has said that Saurabh used to torture his daughter. His daughter wanted to marry Saurabh but Saurabh was not ready for this. Not only this, Saurabh also had relationships with many women. Due to which his daughter was very disturbed.


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