iPhone 15 is going for to sale Rs 16,000, not on Amazon these sites are delivering bumper offers.

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Apple debuted the iPhone 15 series a few months ago. You are now enjoying a significant discount on this phone. You may also get it for Rs 16,000. However, you will need to take advantage of some special offers. You will be shocked to learn about these deals and will order the phone today. So allow me to give you some insight into it as well. (iphone 15 price today)

Apple iPhone 15 (128GB) has an MRP of 79,990 rupees and can be purchased for Rs 65,999 with a 17% reduction. Additionally, you are receiving numerous bank offers on this. Getting the money right away from Bob card against paytm means getting 3 thousand rupees. I’m also getting discounts on the Flipkart Axis Bank card. Furthermore, the most significant reduction is obtained through an exchange offer.

Exchange offer iPhone 15

Return your old smartphone to Flipkart for a huge discount. If your previous phone is in good shape, you can return it for rupees 50,000 and receive an exchange offer discount. Make sure the exchange offer isn’t very reliant on your older phone model. If all of the offsets are applied, the phone might cost less than Rs 16,000. (iphone 15 offer today)

You don’t need to be particularly specific. Since it has a 6.1 inch super retina XDR display. The phone also has a dual rear camera, with the primary camera having a resolution of 48MP and the secondary camera having a resolution of 12MP. This phone comes with a 12MP front camera. Furthermore, the phone features a 16 bionic chip and a 6 core processor. That is, you don’t have to worry about the speed of the iPhone. (iphone 15 offer amazon flipkart)

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