Instead of going to the field…; Did Nana Patole give advice to the Chief Minister or Tola?

Chief Minister Eknath Shinde has shared a video on social media. Chief Minister Eknath Shinde is currently the Chief Minister of Daregaon in Satara district. Eknath Shinde has shared a video of a walk in the field. Eknath Shinde has teased Uddhav Thackeray by saying Pardeshi Kasha Jaych Gadya through this video. Now Congress state president Nana Patole has commented on this. Eknath Shinde wants to do farming in the near future. But now you are the Chief Minister. Keep this in mind and visit the drought-affected areas of the state. Nana Patole said, meet the farmers. He was speaking in Karad.

The Chief Minister has just come to the village. I am in the field from there. He tweets like this. But there is drought in the state. Farmers are losing their lives. He should pay attention to this. Farming will have to be done again. He raised the questions of the public and asked what drama the people in power are thinking. Nana Patole said that this matter is wrong.

Chief Minister Shinde’s tweet

Why go abroad?
Gadya, our village is good
The world of agricultural crops
Flower vase where Vithurai’s Pandhari…

I took some time off from the stress of the Lok Sabha elections and went to my native village Dera in Mahabaleshwar taluka to take some rest.

On this occasion, he visited the farm and inspected the farming and soil. He asked about the life-giving cows and lovingly fed them two morsels each. He also inspected the farming of Sapota, Fanas, Arecanut and vegetables in the farm. The soil here not only gives peace to my mind, but also gives me the strength to face new challenges with new enthusiasm.

Comment on Jitendra Awhad’s work

Yesterday, Jitendra Awhad cremated Manusmriti in Chavdar Tala area of ​​Mahad. But this time, unknowingly, Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar’s photo was torn. This is being criticized fiercely. So what is the role of Congress, a constituent party of Mahavikas Aghadi? There was a lot of discussion on this. No one will support the fact that Baba Saheb Ambedkar’s photo was torn. Congress will always oppose this. BJP plans to destroy the Constitution by including Manusmriti in the syllabus. But Nana Patole has said that we will not let this happen.


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