IND vs PAK: The reason for Pakistan’s defeat is hidden in 4, 8 and 17, understand how

India snatched the victory from Pakistan’s throat. The match tilted in Pakistan’s favor with the toss of a coin. But when this defeat is analyzed, it has a direct connection with the numbers 4, 8 and 17. This is some numerology math. It is directly related to Pakistan’s poor performance. It was because of the events that happened on these figures that Pakistan had to face defeat. Let’s understand what exactly is the contribution of these figures and how India won by 6 runs. After India’s innings started, Pakistan made big mistakes in the first three overs. These events happened from the third over to the ninth over of the Indian innings. Pakistan made the same mistake again and again and in the end it had to pay the price for it. The player with whom Pakistan made the mistake is none other than Rishabh Pant. India benefited from his repeated sacrifices.

Rishabh Pant scored 42 runs in 31 balls. This time he got a lifeline three times. This time Pakistan dropped easy catches. 4, 8 and 17 are the scores of Rishabh Pant’s innings. At this stage, Pakistan made mistakes and had to pay for their losses. Thanks to Rishabh Pant’s innings, India was able to reach 119 runs. Pakistan collapsed on the slow pitch and India won easily.

Pakistan dropped the first catch of Rishabh Pant on the very first ball of the sixth over. Pant was caught by Iftikhar Ahmed on Mohammad Aamir’s ball. Rishabh Pant was then on 4 runs. Four runs were also scored from the catch. Then Rishabh Pant took another catch on the second ball of the same over. Pant was then on 8 runs. After this, Rishabh Pant got a new lease of life once again on the very first ball of the ninth over. Usman Khan dropped this catch in Imad Wasim’s over. Rishabh Pant was then on 17 runs.

Rishabh Pant also helped Rohit Sharma to take DRS. This benefited the team. He also took three catches behind the wicket. One catcher even managed to catch the helmet without the need of his feet. Hence a penalty of 5 runs was saved. So Rishabh Pant became the game changer in this match.


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