In the battle between Nandan and Bhavjay in Baramati, Nandan won, the elder Pawar and younger Pawar defeated the BJP.

Ajit Pawar has been humiliated in the Baramati Lok Sabha constituency. Supriya Sule has won the fight between Nanda and Bhavjay in Baramati. Politics can be achieved by mathematics on paper and the summary of leaders on the stage. This illusion about Baramati cost the leaders of the Mahayuti dearly. Chandrakant Patil was presenting the mathematics of Baramati with the number of MLAs. Devendra Fadnavis was counting the votes amidst the number of leaders present on the stage. But Baramati proved this notion wrong that if the leaders come together then the public also comes together and while the Mahagathbandhan put in all its strength to defeat Jangjang, the younger Pawars along with the big Pawars have defeated the BJP. Ajit Pawar broke 90% of the party and staked claim against his uncle. When the big leaders left the party then who is the face of Sharad Pawar? The answer given by Sharad Pawar after the result turned out to be true, watch the special report…


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