I won’t go to my in-laws… Reeva’s toilet love story will shock you.

Chakghat Police, Rewa

Recently a movie was released called Toilet Ek Prem Katha. In the film, the heroine moves to her maternal uncle’s house as her in-laws house does not have a toilet. After this, the hero fights a long battle and builds the toilet and the heroine returns. This is what happened in the film. One such incident has been seen in Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh. Here also a bride has returned to her maternal uncle because her in-laws do not have a toilet. At the same time, after several attempts to convince her, her husband has now sought the help of the police.

The problem is that the police don’t seem able to help him in any way. This case is from village Amav in Tyonthar tehsil area of ​​Rewa. A young man named Pradeep Mishra living in this village got married recently. After marriage, the bride used to force her husband to build a toilet in the house. However, when Pradeep Mishra could not build a toilet, his daughter left home two months ago and returned to her maternal uncle. After waiting for a few days, Pradeep Mishra reached his father-in-law and tried hard to convince his wife.

Filed a police complaint

He told about his compulsions, yet the bride did not give up. He made it clear that now he will come back to his father-in-law only when there is a toilet. Till then he will stay at his parents house and wait. After returning from there, Pradeep Mishra appealed to the Gram Panchayat and the government administration. When the matter was not resolved, now I have lodged a complaint with the police. On the other hand, the police say that the matter is under the jurisdiction of the administration and the panchayat in which the police have no role to play.

Government help is not enough

The victim’s husband Pradeep Mishra says that he himself works in Indore for just Rs 10,000 to run the household. With such a low salary, he cannot build a toilet in his house. He said that he has appealed to the panchayat as well as the government administration to build government toilets, but he could not get enough money from there to construct the toilet structure under the cleanliness campaign. The victim said that a toilet was constructed in the village last year as part of the cleanliness drive, but due to poor quality, it is currently unfit for use.


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