How will Akshay Kumar’s flop career get back on track? The director of ‘Namaste London’ said something different

Akshay has worked with Vipul in four films.

As a director, Vipul Shah has worked with Akshay Kumar in four films. Their names are ‘Ankhe’, ‘Wakt’, ‘Namaste London’ and ‘Action Replay’. He has also produced ‘Sing Is King’ and ‘Holiday’. I mean he knows Akshay inside out. In such a situation, he was asked about Akshay Kumar’s continuous flopping films. Akshay was also asked what he should do to get his career back on track. Vipul has given a very succinct answer to this.

Vipul says that Akshay understands his good and bad. He is quite senior. They don’t need their advice. Akshay himself must have figured something out. Vipul says in his own words, “We consider Sachin Tendulkar as the God of Cricket. He also went through ups and downs in his career. Many people might have advised him, but he himself might have used some trick to get out of the bad phase.

“Akshay is much smarter than me”

Speaking further, Vipul Shah said, “It is said that form is temporary and class is permanent. That’s why I think an actor who has done almost 150 films understands the industry more than others. I’m sure he would be worried about his recent track record as well. I don’t think he needs advice from someone like me. He is smarter and smarter than me.”

“One should not do foolish things like giving advice to elders”

According to Vipul, Akshay will soon deliver a blockbuster, which he has done for the past several years. He further said that one should not make the foolish mistake of giving advice when one is very senior.

Vipul Shah has not directed any film for almost 6 years. Her last film was ‘Namaste England’ with Arjun Kapoor. He is going to announce his new film in the next few days.


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