How tall are you, how much salary? What’s going on? While talking, Gulabrao Patil got very angry; who scolded him?

Even though NDA has got majority in the results of Lok Sabha elections, BJP has suffered a crushing defeat in many states. On this issue, Thackeray group leader Sanjay Raut has targeted Prime Minister Modi as well as BJP. 240 is not BJP’s figure but ED CBI’s figure. Lord Narendra Modi, he has lost. Sanjay Raut said that the guarantee of Modi, who has been the face till now, is over. Raut further said that Modi brand is over, ED CBI has brought as much majority. Chandrababu Naidu and Nitish Kumar will form the government on two bamboos. But this can shake anytime. Raut said, Modi’s nose has been cut, so we do not want a Prime Minister without a nose. On this, Shiv Sena leader MLA Gulabrao Patil reacted and asked Sanjay Raut more questions. Let’s talk about Prime Minister Modi… What is his stature? What is your salary? What is your height? How much do you have to talk about? Such questions have been asked, otherwise Sanjay Raut should have stood in this year’s Lok Sabha elections. Why did he not stand? Patel also asked this question directly to Rauta.


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