Hospital staff not treating patient, called collector; A staff class was held at 3 pm

As the patient was not receiving treatment in the MP hospital, he called the collector

In Betul, Madhya Pradesh, a patient upset with the lack of treatment called the collector, after which the collector reached the hospital at 3 pm, where he took stock of the situation. The patient is a minor who was involved in an accident and sustained serious injuries.

The patient is a 17-year-old boy named Nilesh Ahke. An accident occurred when Nilesh’s bike was hit by an unknown vehicle. Nilesh was also seriously injured in this accident. Meanwhile, when Nilesh was brought to Betul District Hospital for treatment, he found that no one was willing to treat him.

Tell the collector what you have to say

Displeased with this, Nilesh called District Collector Narendra Suryavanshi late at night. Nilesh told the entire incident to the collector over the phone. After hearing this, the collector reached the hospital at around 3 o’clock in the night. The collector directly reached the male surgical ward, where he spoke to the patient.

Collectors got into action mode

The Collector took stock of the patient’s condition. After this, the Chief Medical Officer and Civil Surgeon along with other doctors on duty were called, who fled the scene. At the same time, after the collector got into action mode, treatment of the injured patient soon began.

What did the collector say?

Meanwhile, the collector said that normally no one would call at night unless the matter was serious. Due to this, he immediately reached the hospital. But during this time the doctor was not present on duty. At present, a notice has been sent to the concerned doctor by the collector. Apart from this, instructions have also been given to the Civil Surgeon and Chief Medical Officer. The collector says that such checks and follow-ups will be done regularly in future as well.


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