Horrible…wife woke up, gave sleeping pills mixed with amras; plot to kill husband and in-laws?

Mango or amras is the weakness of most people. People like mangoes in the unbearable summer. But what if this passion becomes dangerous for someone’s life? A case has come to light in Amarsa where a woman shot her husband after feeding him intoxicating pills. This happened in Nandgaon of Tuljapur taluka. A case has been registered against his wife Bhagyavati Chingunde in Naldurg Police. Police is investigating the case further.

What actually happened?

Plaintiff Mahesh Kumar Chingunde lives in Nandgaon in Tuljapur taluk. On May 24, Mahesh Kumar was invited by his wife Bhagyavati for dinner. But she had mixed sleeping pills in it. Bhagyavati mixed sleeping pills in the juice without consulting any doctor or without the permission of any doctor, knowing that the consumption of these pills could endanger Mahesh Kumar’s life. This aamras was also consumed by Maheshkumar Chingunde and other members of his family and they also fell ill. As a result, he slept till late the next morning. Also, he felt pain in his body even after waking up from sleep.

The reason behind this came to light and after knowing the truth, husband Mahesh Kumar Chingunde lodged a formal complaint against his wife Bhagyavati at the Naldurg Police Station. Accordingly, a case has been registered against Bhagyavati Chingunde under section 328 at the Naldurg Police Station. The police is investigating thoroughly why Bhagyavati put pills in the juice, why she made her husband and in-laws drink the juice and what was her real motive.



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