Home during the day and jail in the evening… The son’s night will be spent in the barracks where Mukhtar Ansari was imprisoned.

Abbas Ansari left for Ghazipur from Kasganj District Jail.

Mukhtar Ansari’s son and Subhasp MLA Abbas Ansari was taken from Kasganj District Jail to his ancestral home Mohammadabad Gate today i.e. Monday under tight security. He got three days parole. Abbas Ansari has been granted custodial parole by the Supreme Court till June 12 to attend the prayer meeting of his father Mukhtar Ansari. He was brought from Kasganj Jail to Ghazipur Jail a day ago.

Abbas Ansari will be able to stay at his home with his family during the day from June 10 to 12. In the evening he will be brought back to Ghazipur Jail, where he will spend the night. This routine will continue till June 12. Abbas Ansari will be sent back to Kasganj jail on June 13 after completing his parole. Currently, Abbas Ansari has been taken from Ghazipur to his ancestral home in Muhammadabad under heavy security.

Mukhtar would spend the nights in the barracks where he was staying.

Abbas Ansari will be on parole for three days from June 10 to June 12. Meanwhile, he will be among his family during daylight hours and reach Gazipur District Jail in the evening. This sequence will continue for three days. In the meantime he will spend three nights in Barrack No. 10. This is the same barrack where his father Mukhtar Ansari was confined.

From Chitrakoot was shifted to Kasganj Jail

Subhashpa MLA Abbas Ansari is lodged in Chitrakoot jail in a money laundering case in Prayagraj. During this time, the officers received information about the case of him meeting his wife secretly in the jail and subsequently raided there and caught the two red-handed. Foreign currency and mobile phones were recovered from wife Nikhat. After this the wife was also sent to jail and Abbas Ansari was shifted from Chitrakoot Jail to Kasganj Jail.

Mukhtar Ansari died on March 28

Abbas Ansari’s father Mukhtar Ansari died in hospital on March 28 while in custody in Banda Jail. Because of this, the family members accused him of murder by drinking poison. At the same time, after the postmortem report, the administration said it was a case of heart attack. Even before this incident, Abbas Ansari was locked up in Kasganj jail. He petitioned the court to attend his father’s funeral, but could not get permission.


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