Heat wave: Due to extreme heat, some fell unconscious in class, some outside and some in rickshaw, more than 50 students fainted, video

Everyone in the country is eagerly waiting for the monsoon rains. Monsoon is expected to enter Kerala in the next two-three days. Everyone was surprised by the heat of the sun. The body is shivering due to the scorching heat. Such is the situation that one should not go out of the house during the afternoon. In such a situation, unseasonal rains provide some relief. At this time, heat has wreaked havoc in South, West, North India. More than 50 students fainted due to severe heat in a government school in Sheikhpura district of Bihar. Due to the sudden deterioration of the health of the students, a situation of chaos arose in the school. The health department was called to take the unconscious children to the hospital. The ambulance did not come for a long time. At that time the children were taken to the nearest hospital in a private vehicle. Due to this irresponsibility of the health department, people came out on the streets.

The heat has reached its peak in Bihar. It is extremely hot. The temperature has gone above 45 degrees in many districts of the state. Schools are starting in the state in this extreme heat. Students are facing many difficulties. On Wednesday morning, suddenly due to this extreme heat, students lost their lives in Mankaul Madhya Vidyalaya of Ariyari block.

One even escaped after falling unconscious

“After the prayer, the students were studying in the class. School headmaster Suresh Prasad said, “At that time, many students of class VIII including Ragini, Kajal, Sneha, Julie Kumari fainted one after the other.” After the girls fell unconscious, a rush began. Teachers and staff fanned the students. Electrolyte gave water. An ambulance was called to take the children to the hospital. Despite the information, the ambulance did not arrive. The children were admitted to Sadar Hospital for treatment. Hospital doctor Satyendra Kumar said, “There is severe heat in the district. Due to this, the children suffered from dehydration. The children are being treated.”

5 Temperatures in the city were above 45 degrees

The temperature in 5 cities of Bihar went above 45 degrees. According to the Meteorological Department, the temperature of Aurangabad was recorded at 47.7 degrees, Dehri at 47 degrees, Arwal at 46.9 degrees, Gaya at 46.8 degrees and Buxar at 46.4 degrees. The temperature of the capital Patna is 42.8 degrees.


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