He strangled his wife, then cut the vein in her arm, wrote in the suicide note – I am very disturbed.

After strangling his wife, the husband committed suicide by cutting the vein in his hand.

After killing his wife in Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain, a young man committed suicide by cutting the vein of his hand. The police reached the spot and sent the bodies for post-mortem. Police say that a suicide letter has been found from the house of the deceased, in which the youth has written that his wife has made his life difficult.

The incident took place in Nayapura of Badnagar. According to the police, Amit Acharchna had a love marriage with Shikha Rathore 8 years ago. Both also have a 7-year-old son. At around 9.30 am on Tuesday morning, it was reported that the bodies of both were lying in the house. After this, the police team reached the spot.

The police found the dead bodies of both

After going there, the police saw that Shikha’s body was lying on the bed. Meanwhile, compression marks were seen on Shikha’s neck. When Amit’s blood soaked body was found in the bathroom. The FSL team also reached the spot after receiving information that there were knife wounds on his hand. Now both the bodies have been sent for postmortem.

A suicide note was found

Police say that a suicide note has also been recovered from the spot. In this suicide note, it is written that ‘My wife Shikha Acharya has made life miserable for me and my family. There are daily fights at home, due to which I feel mental torture. Several times I and my mother complained to the police but got no help. Now I am very upset. So I am committing suicide by killing my wife. Meanwhile, the police team is busy investigating the case.


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