He brought his son’s body, performed the last rites, when he was about to celebrate his thirteenth birthday, he got a call…

Funeral (symbolic photo)

A shocking incident has come to light in Sheopur of Madhya Pradesh. On receiving information that a youth had died in an accident here, his family brought the body home, performed the last rites and then started preparations for the thirteenth day. Meanwhile, there was an atmosphere of mourning in the house. As the sequence of arrivals of dear friend and relative continued, her ‘dead son’ called. He said he is alive and coming home tomorrow.

After this phone call, happiness is back in the house. This case is from Lahchauda village of Sheopur. Deendayal Sharma’s son Surendra, who lives in this village, works in a textile factory in Jaipur. He had not come to his village for a long time. Meanwhile, Deendayal’s family members received information that Surendra Sawai had met with an accident in Madhopur and was seriously injured.

Dead bodies were brought from SMS Hospital

After this information, Deendayal and his family members reached Sawai Madhopur. There it was learned that due to his critical condition he has been referred to SMS Hospital in Jaipur. After this, Deendayal reached SMS Hospital. There he was told that he had sustained serious injuries and that Surendra had died during treatment. After this, the hospital management and the police conducted the post-mortem after formal identification of the body and handed over the body to Deendayal.

The call came before the thirteenth.

Deendayal reached Sheopur with the dead body from Jaipur, performed the last rites as per the ritual and started preparations for the thirteenth day. Meanwhile, Surendra started calling his younger brother and asking about his health. At first, his brother was surprised to see the call coming from Surendra’s number. Received the call and could not believe it even after talking. After all, his brother’s last rites had just taken place five days ago.

Now there is a happy atmosphere in the family

In such a situation, Surendra’s brother asked to make a video call. On the other hand, Surendra also got very upset while making a video call. He asked what is the matter. After this his brother told the whole story and also asked Surendra to talk to his family. Surendra then said that he was reaching home the next day. Then when Surendra reached home, his thirteenth birthday was canceled and the entire family welcomed him. According to Surendra’s mother Krishna Devi, there was a planet on her son, perhaps it was cut off. Now their son is back home safe and there is happiness in the family.


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