Having to go several kilometers to get a single drop of water, the old man committed suicide due to boredom

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Many states of India are currently in the grip of extreme heat. It is definitely raining. But summer is coming back again. Along with the heat, people are also facing shortage of water in Alwar, Rajasthan. The shortage of water was such that an old man committed suicide without finding a solution to this problem. He used to bring water from far away every day to quench his thirst. But while carrying water he got worried and died.

Retired senior advocate Mohanlal Saini lived with his family in a locality in Alwar. There was water problem in the house for some days. He also complained to the water department several times about this. But no solution was found. Water is very necessary for life. A person can survive for a few days without eating food. But life is incomplete without water. There was no water in the house, so Vakil used to go to distant areas every day to fetch water.

Sometimes they went to one place and sometimes to another. Vakil used to walk several kilometers every day for water. Whenever water was found, it was brought home so that the family members could use it. They were constantly complaining about the water to the concerned department. But the problem remained. In such a situation he became very disturbed. Finally this time heat could not bear this problem and he committed suicide.

Couldn’t solve my own problem

Mohanlal was also 75 years old. At this age it became difficult for him to walk several kilometers for water every day. The most stressful thing was that despite being a lawyer himself, he could not solve his problem. For this reason he finally decided to end his life. The police have taken possession of the body and conducted the post-mortem. Further action has also been initiated.

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