Giving support account to Murlidhar Mohol is a big step of BJP, aiming to break the dominance of these two leaders

Expansion of Modi 3.0 cabinet. Then on Monday night, the list of ministers was distributed. Modi 3.0 cabinet includes six people from Maharashtra. Piyush Goyal (Commerce) and Nitin Gadkari (Road Transport) have both been given the post of Cabinet Minister. State Minister Raksha Khadse (Sports), Prataprao Jadhav (Ayush), Ramdas Athawale (Social Justice) and MP from Pune Lok Sabha constituency Murlidhar Mohol have been given the cooperation account. Murlidhar Mohol, who reached Parliament directly from Pune Municipal Corporation, has played a big bet for BJP. While playing against Marathas in Western Maharashtra, there is a discussion that BJP is targeting cooperation. Sharad Pawar and Ajit Pawar dominate the cooperative sector in Western Maharashtra. Murlidhar Mohol has been chosen to break this dominance.

Ajit Pawar will give a shock to Sharad Pawar

Ajit Pawar’s NCP did not perform as expected. His candidate lost in Baramati. It is said that BJP leaders are angry with this. Now Ajit Pawar and Sharad Pawar’s NCP dominate cooperative societies, sugar mills, banks, societies. To give them a shock, Muralidhar Mohol has been given the cooperative account to strengthen BJP’s presence in cooperatives.

Maratha face of Western Maharashtra

Union Minister and BJP’s Chanakya Amit Shah has the cabinet responsibility of the Cooperative Department. Muralidhar Mohol will work as a Minister of State under his guidance. Mohol’s leadership is emerging as a Maratha face in Western Maharashtra. This account was first created in the Modi 2.0 government to empower states like Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra through cooperation. First of all, the responsibility of this department was given to Narendra Modi’s most trusted Sardar Amit Shah. Now the BJP veterans have set their target by making Muralidhar Mohol the Minister of State for Cooperation.

Will the airport problem be solved?

Murlidhar Mohol has been given the Ministry of Cooperation and Civil Aviation. This will solve the problem of development of Pune Airport and new airport in Purandar. When the international airport terminal opened in Lohgaon, traffic did not start from there. This will now solve the problem.


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