Ghaziabad: A massive fire broke out at the gate of Republic Society Crossing causing panic, the fire was brought under control after hours.

Fire at the entry gate at Crossing Republic Society

A fire broke out at Crossing Republic Society in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad. The accident took place near the main gate of the society. The main gate of the society is made of glass. Security personnel present at the time of the incident and local people tried to control the fire. Meanwhile, the fire brigade reached the spot and brought the fire under control after a lot of effort.

This incident took place on Wednesday i.e. June 5 morning. The entrance to the Crossing Republic area is made of glass, which is quite large. A fierce fire broke out in this glass gate in the morning. Meanwhile, there was chaos among the local people. Meanwhile, the security personnel present at the spot immediately started controlling the fire. The local people also called the fire brigade team and reported the matter.

The fire brigade team reached

The fire brigade team also tried to control the fire with the help of local people. No casualties were reported in this incident.

What did the chief say?

According to the Chief Fire Officer, the fire was reported at Ghaziabad Fire Station Kotwali at 8:49 am on Wednesday from the main gate of Crossing Republic. Information was given to the unit present at Crossing Republic from Fire Station Kotwali. After this, fire brigade teams immediately reached the spot. Where he saw that hoardings etc. were also put up at the gate. Meanwhile, due to the fire, black smoke also spread in the area. While the people present in the society tried to extinguish the fire with the help of hydrant installed there. At the same time, the fire unit on duty at Crossing Republic quickly deployed hose lines and started dousing the fire. The fire has now been brought under control.


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